5 ways to help you focus and pay attention better to accomplish your tasks


5 ways to help you focus and pay attention

Distraction and inability to concentrate are one of some problems that many people suffer from, which are often caused by a combination of reasons that some are unaware of, but there are 5 Effective Ways to help you concentrate well, and get rid of distractions, we present them to you during these lines, as stated in a report prepared by psychotherapist Joyce Marter, which was published on the Psychology Today website.

Make your health a priority

One of the most important factors that help the mind to carry out its tasks actively and dynamically is taking care of the general health of the body, when you have good sleep, good nutrition, a balance between work and social life, etc., by giving everything its right, it helps you concentrate well, besides maintaining blood sugar balance, maintaining energy throughout the day by taking short periods of rest, and avoiding fatigue.

Adjust your mental health

Some research has shown that rates of depression and anxiety have increased by up to 25% globally, due to the multiplier effect left by the corona pandemic, so the focus should be on routine, preventive treatment for health care, and it is better when exposed to psychological stress to consult a psychiatrist.

Practicing a morning routine

One of the most important factors that help you focus in your work is following a daily routine, and morning, because the morning routine, which contains self-care, will prepare you for success and focus the rest of the day, and it helps you to set the alarm about 25 minutes before your usual appointment, then take notes, determine what you intend to do to do on this day, and do some exercise.

Organize your day

You can organize your day by setting a certain period of time for everything you intend to do this day, try to stick to it, and then make sure that you schedule an appointment at the right time for self-care, and another time for the support you need; in order to be able to rebuild your concentration, and charge yourself with energy again.

Stop the sound that frustrates you

Thoughts always come to our heads and tell us that we are unable to carry out a certain task, or flood our minds with negative thoughts about ourselves, which is one of the most important factors that hinder us from success; therefore, this frustrating inner voice must be stopped, and replaced with a voice that sympathizes with yourself and affirms it, and tells you what you have abilities; so that you become more confident in yourself and your abilities, which qualifies you to focus on your work and achieve your goals.


Things to stay away from for better concentration

One of the things that cause our attention is multitasking what we want to accomplish at one time; because we think that this will save time, but the truth is quite the opposite; multitasking leads to stress and exhaustion of the mind, wasting time in order to move from one task to another, and therefore poor concentration, increased errors, and reduced productivity.

It is also worth paying attention to not too much sugar and caffeine, and turning off phone notifications while working; because every time a notification is issued, your concentration is interrupted, and you need more time in order to rebuild concentration again.


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