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Chicken fajita sandwiches with easy steps and taste sweeter than restaurants


Chicken fajita sandwiches with easy steps taste sweeter than restaurants

Chicken is one of the most delicious and delicious foods that every woman is adept at presenting in distinctive shapes and varieties, and it is considered one of the most beloved foods, whether for adults or children, in addition to its high nutritional value, because it contains the protein that the body needs.

Today we came to show you the most delicious fast wonderful foods that are usually bought from restaurants, namely chicken fajita, adored by many, and can be prepared at home with ease, follow the next lines with us to learn the details in this article.

How to make chicken fajita sandwiches at home

With simple steps, you can learn how to prepare chicken fajita at home, easily and with simple and guaranteed ingredients, and these steps are as follows:


Half a kilo of chicken breast fillet.
Three peppercorns of different colors are cut into strips.
One medium-sized onion cut into slices.
One tablespoon of crushed garlic.
Three tablespoons of yogurt.
A quarter cup of white vinegar.
A quarter cup of vegetable oil.
A spoonful of soy sauce.
One teaspoon of powdered garlic and another of powdered onion.
One teaspoon of salt.
A quarter of a spoonful of black pepper.
A glass of mozzarella cheese.
Tortilla bread or sweet bread.


Method of preparation and preparation

At first, the chicken fillet is thoroughly cleaned and washed until any wheezing smell that may be in it is eliminated.
After that, a suitable container is brought and yogurt, salt, black pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, powdered onion, powdered garlic, and crushed garlic are added.
All ingredients are mixed with each other thoroughly until homogeneous and mixed.
The chicken fillet is then marinated inside and left for a whole night or at least for four hours inside the refrigerator.
After that, a frying pan of a suitable size is brought in and it is raised on a fire.
The pan is left until it warms up completely, then the oil is added to it and the oil is left until it warms up.
Then chicken fillet is added and at first, it is well fried until it changes color.
The chicken is then lifted and the colored peppers and the chopped onion are added to the same pan and are well-fried until they also change color.

After that, the chicken fillet is returned back to the ingredients with constant stirring, then coriander is added and stirred again well until the ingredients merge with each other.
So they may be ready to be lifted off the fire.
Then the tortilla is brought and some lettuce slices are added, then some slices of chicken fajita mixture are distributed inside it with the mixture, mozzarella cheese is added to it and the bread is rolled into a roll.
And in a pan of Tefal, some simple drops of oil are placed and the bread is roasted on all sides inside until it gets the characteristic golden color. fajita sandwiches with roasted potatoes are served and eaten with a thousand here and on the verge.


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