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Find out the best way to get a persistent Rouge with natural ingredients at home


Get a persistent Rouge with natural ingredients at home, many girls buy cosmetics with the aim of elegance and beauty, which includes rouge lips, which give women femininity and attractive lips, but there are rumors recently that most of the Rouge ingredients may contain a large percentage of lead and other toxic substances and also be expensive, so we offer you a method of making a steady 24-hour Rouge suitable for girls ‘ skin tone at home with easy and natural ingredients.

Components of the action of hard Rouge at home

We use a tablespoon of both ” boiled beets, sweet almond oil, and raw cocoa butter” + a teaspoon of medical Vaseline + 55 ML equivalent to a quarter cup of warm water.

Steps to make a hard Rouge at home

First, we bring a bowl in which we put a spoonful of boiled beets, then we put a quantity of warm water specified by the ingredients previously on the fire, stirring constantly well.

Secondly, we put the rest of the ingredients, namely sweet almond oil, raw cocoa butter, medical petroleum jelly, and in the above quantities into the bowl with beets and water on the fire until they mix well with each other.

Thirdly, we put the mixture in a suitable container and leave it in the refrigerator for one hour, so we may have obtained a steady Rouge 24 hours with natural and easy ingredients without any preservatives or toxic substances, and it can also be used as a blush on the skin and has no harm as it consists of natural substances and is constant throughout the day.


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