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How to make avocado juice with honey and nuts


How to make avocado juice with honey and nuts

When entering the summer season and the temperature rises, a person is exposed to the loss of a large percentage of the fluids in the body as a result of sweating; this leads to his feeling thirsty, so he needs to take a nutritious natural juice, he feels relaxed and refreshed; so today we will learn about how to make avocado juice with honey and nuts at home.

Ingredients for making avocado juice

In order to prepare a delicious avocado smoothie with honey and nuts, you must bring the following ingredients:

The number of pieces of avocado fruit peeled and cut randomly.
One glass of almond milk.
One grain of banana fruit.
Number 2 teaspoons of white bee honey.
A tablespoon of yogurt.
A tablespoon of nuts.

How to prepare avocado juice with honey and nuts

The process of preparing avocado juice with honey and nuts does not need a long time, as it takes only five minutes, after which the juice is ready to be served, and the steps for its preparation may be as follows:-

The bowl of the electric mixer is brought in, put bananas, avocados, almond milk, and honey inside.
We start to turn it on; to mix all the ingredients together well, getting a smooth and thick consistency.
We bring the glasses for serving juices, we start pouring the juice.
We leave a quarter of the glass empty, that is, we fill only three-quarters of it.
To decorate the glass of avocado juice we beat the yogurt spoon well with hands, and then pour it over the juice.
We sprinkle with nuts, and at the end, we put a spoon of honey in the form of thin stripes; it becomes a magnificent and appetizing shape.


The benefits of eating avocado juice

One of the best juices and cold drinks is avocado juice with honey and nuts; due to its delicious taste and multiple health benefits, the most prominent of which are the following:

Its nutritional value is high as it contains many important nutrients for the human body, and it is also rich in fiber, vitamins, and proteins necessary for the body.
It protects humans from the risk of developing chronic cardiovascular diseases because it maintains a normal level of blood pressure because it contains the elements magnesium and potassium.
It improves the health of the digestive system; due to its high fiber content, which stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the stomach.
Improve the health of the immune system of the human body; this is because white honey is rich in antioxidants, which help strengthen immunity.



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