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How to make chicken breasts with red sauce at home


How to make chicken breasts with red sauce at home

We can prepare chicken breasts in more than one way, as there are those who like to eat them with white sauce, and those who want to eat them grilled in the oven and other various ways, because each of US has his own taste in eating his favorite meal, so we will present to you today how to make chicken breasts with red sauce because it is one of the most delicious meals that has won the admiration of everyone.

Chicken breast recipe ingredients

In order to prepare a delicious dish of chicken breast with red sauce, it is necessary to bring the following ingredients:

4 chicken breasts.
A quarter cup of olive oil.
A teaspoon of black pepper.
A teaspoon of salt.
The number of 5 cloves of garlic is chopped.
Half a glass of tomato paste.
A tablespoon of chopped thyme.
Two glasses of chicken broth.

How to prepare chicken breast with red sauce

Chicken breast with red sauce is one of the easiest appetizing meals, which is characterized by being quick to prepare, as it is prepared following the following:

First, we spread the chicken breasts and knock on them with a hammer; so that they thin out and do not take a long time when cooking them.
We sprinkle a quarter of a spoonful of white salt and a quarter of a spoonful of ground black pepper on the chicken breast.
Then we turn it over to the other side and repeat the previous step; so that the chicken is well marinated.
A frying pan is raised on the fire, we put olive oil in it and leave it to warm up.
Then we put the chicken breasts one by one.
We begin to turn the chicken from side to side; until it browns well and becomes golden in color.
After that, we lift them on a plate with kitchen napkins; so that the excess oil is absorbed and set aside.


Leave the pan as it is on the fire and add the chopped garlic in it, stirring constantly; until it turns yellow.
Tomato paste and chicken broth are added, stirring well; until the mixture is mixed.
Then we add half a spoonful of black pepper, half a spoonful of salt, and thyme.
We leave the mixture for a few minutes; until it curdles.
We add chicken breasts to the red sauce and stir, after which we cool the fire and cover it.
We leave it for half an hour until fully cooked.
We bring the serving dish and put the chicken breasts in it, then pour the red sauce over it and serve it hot and with a thousand health and wellness.


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