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How to make Italian pizza on its origins at home with simple ingredients


How to make Italian pizza on its origins at home

There are some types of foods that we love in the literal sense and we can’t stop eating them all the time, no matter what, and one of those foods is pizza, as it is one of the delicious and delicious foods that are served in more than one filling and method, and each filling has its fans, and Italian pizza from Italian cuisine remains the best-known types and in order to be prepared in the same original way, learn with us about the steps and the secret of preparation.

Ingredients for Italian pizza

Pizza dough and its sauce are the most important factor in making pizza better than others, so we must pay attention to the ingredients and quantities as follows:

Pizza dough

A glass and a quarter with medium-heat water.
And four full cups of clean flour.
It is an oil such as three tablespoons of olive oil.
Yeast is the amount of a spoon and a half.
It is sugar two tablespoons large volume and two tablespoons but smaller volume.

Pizza sauce

One onion is mashed.
A quarter of a glass of vegetable oil.
It is a quarter of a spoon of sugar.
Two crushed garlic cloves.
A quarter cup of green arugula or mint leaves.
Two cups of tomatoes cut into squares.
Brown pepper and salt as needed.
With a spoon, its volume is small sugar.


Method of preparation

Mix the yeast with water, dissolve it in it, and leave for five minutes.
Add sugar, salt, and yeast to the flour and knead once until we reach the desired consistency and when you need more liquid, add the oil.
Cover the dough with nylon paper for an hour so that it rests.
We prepare the sauce by putting the oil on the fire, onion, and garlic on it, and after changing the color, add the tomato cubes with sugar and spices to them and stir.
We let the sauce thicken on the fire for ten minutes.
Then we return to the dough, as it is spread out in a circle and the sauce is distributed on it, then we put the desired filling and transfer it to the oven.


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