Learn the 7 tips to keep your baby healthy during the first trimester of pregnancy


During her pregnancy, a woman is eagerly awaiting her baby, and she is keen to maintain her safety, health, and the health of her fetus during pregnancy, especially the first three months, and the passage of that period safely, as the mother suffers during this period from many unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and dizziness, besides it is the stage of fetal formation inside the uterus, so you must adhere to a diet and follow some guidelines to maintain your health and the health of your fetus.

Experts recommended several tips for expectant mothers during the first pregnancy

Conducting TV radiology periodically: it is necessary to commit to conducting periodic ”sonar” examinations to check the health of the fetus, follow the stages of its formation and check the pulse in the weeks between 6 weeks and the first 8 weeks of pregnancy.
Drinking plenty of water: it is necessary to consume a lot of water during pregnancy, because it maintains the moisture level inside your body for your fetus, and protects you from rising salts inside the body and urinary tract infections, which may lead to miscarriage.

Blood pressure measurement: you must commit to measuring blood pressure in order to avoid a sudden rise that causes gestosis, so you should take care of measuring blood pressure.
Measuring the sugar level: it is necessary to monitor blood sugar levels continuously from time to time to avoid developing gestational diabetes.
Take dietary supplements: be sure to take the vitamins and calcium recommended by your doctor that contain folic acid, which helps to form and protect your fetus from congenital malformations.
Practicing daily activity: mothers are keen to reduce their movement significantly and sit more time is necessary, but it is necessary to practice movement and daily activity with caution, which helps to activate blood circulation in order for your fetus.
Follow a healthy diet: you should avoid fast foods that increase your weight without benefit, and you should eat foods that contain useful nutrients that help you during pregnancy to have better health for your fetus, such as vitamin-rich elements found in vegetables and fruits.


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