Lose weight and fight depression.. One of the most important wonderful benefits that spicy foods offer us is


Every one of us likes to eat spicy foods, but some also like those hotter foods, and chili peppers may be good for health, and over the past years, the Indian people have been known as one of the people who eat spicy foods a lot, and the Indian people may be famous for this, and many people around the world believe that eating chili and spicy foods constantly may harm the body, but quite the opposite, regardless of the imaginary perception of the temperature of those foods and chili itself, but these substances contain great benefits, including those benefits.

Resistance to colds

Hot pepper greatly helps in resisting colds, as capsaicin helps relieve spasms of the nasal mucosa and also relieves congestion, but also helps reduce secretions, and accordingly, whatever food you eat contains more spices was useful and better, and in case you suffer from a stuffy nose, you can just add hot pepper to a cup of hot tea, inhale some of the steam resulting from that, and then drink a sip, as this helps clean the nasal passages and makes breathing much easier, in addition, hot pepper is a great source of vitamin A and also helps strengthen your mucous barrier, which works to prevent germs and bacteria from entering The body.

Weight loss

Spicy foods are considered one of the best solutions that help in weight loss, and according to some diet specialists, chili improves metabolism in the body, reduces hunger, and also burns a lot of calories, and most importantly, spicy food reduces cravings for fatty and sweet snacks, and this is great for people trying to lose weight.

Prevention of stomach ulcers

Spicy foods help prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers, as the capsaicin in chili neutralizes the disease-causing Helicobacter pylori, so we find that people who eat Korean or Indian foods are three times less likely to develop stomach ulcers than those whose diet is based on eating traditional European and American foods.

Spices are good for the heart

Eating spicy food reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in the blood, and during the recent period, scientific studies, as well as diet specialists, have been interested in the abilities of capsaicin to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stabilize the heart rate, in addition, pepper contains a large number of antioxidants that prevent premature aging.


Fighting depression

One of the most important features that spicy food contains is stimulating the body to produce happiness hormones, including serotonin and endorphins, as this helps reduce the effort exerted by the nervous system in difficult situations.


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