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Milk cake in a very simple and tasteless way


Milk cake in a very simple and tasteless way

The cake is a simple and easy dessert to prepare and is considered a famous dessert in most homes, and milk cake is one of the most famous types of cake that many people adore, especially children, so many mothers are always interested in looking for the perfect ways to prepare milk cake with an irresistible taste and aroma, as mothers use it many times as an alternative to breakfast next to a glass of hot milk under the name of breaking the daily routine and permanent renewal in order to delight children.

How to make milk cake

Preparing a milk cake at home does not need many ingredients, and through the following article, we will mention the necessary steps to prepare a milk cake with an irresistible taste, never big or small.

Milk cake-making steps


1 1/2 large cups of fine white flour.
1 large glass of white sugar.
3/4 large glass of liquid milk.
3/4 cup of butter or fat (to taste).
3 eggs at room temperature.
1 tablespoon of baking powder.
1 tablespoon of vanilla.
1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Method of preparation

At first, we raise the milk in a suitable saucepan on the fire, then add the butter and when the mixture warms up, we remove it from the heat and leave it on the side until it cools.

We prepare an electric mixer, then add the eggs, taking into account taking it out of the refrigerator a while before use, then put vanilla and sugar, then mix the ingredients together until the sugar dissolves.
Add some of that buttermilk mixture to the batter and beat a quick time.


Then we begin to gradually add the flour, taking into account the whisking when adding Until we get a consistent dough.
We bring a tray from the appropriate oven trays and then grease its base and edges with butter.
Pour the cake batter inside the tray and distribute it evenly on all sides of the tray.
We put the tray into an oven whose temperature reaches 180 degrees for no more than 30 minutes.
We test the ripeness of the cake using dental acetate or using a fork and in case of complete ripeness we take the cake pan out of the oven.
When the cake has cooled, cut it so it is ready to serve at any time.


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