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Nespresso revolutionizes the world of color with the launch of the Vertuo Pop machine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


A mixture of six colors to add a special touch to our lifestyle “virtu pop”

The compact and smallest machine from the Nespresso Vertuo range is now available across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Nespresso brand has announced the launch of the new Vertuo Pop machine, the latest addition to the Vertuo range, which is Nespresso’s smallest and most affordable coffee maker. Vertuo Pop works exclusively with Nespresso Vertuo capsules and offers a wide choice of flavors with 30 capsules, for a barista-quality velvety crema. The new machine is compatible with four sizes from espresso cups to large cups and gives coffee lovers the opportunity to prepare their favorite recipes at home with the touch of a button.

Ramon Steves, CEO of Nespresso Saudi Arabia, explained: “The launch of the Vertuo machine in Saudi Arabia provides the opportunity for coffee lovers to enjoy preparing their favorite coffee recipes, through a wide range of options, tastes, and sizes that meet the needs of consumers across the region. Without compromising on the quality that the Nespresso brand is famous for. With the launch of the new VertuoPop machine, we look forward to enhancing the joy of color in our coffee corner, as it is smaller in size and more vibrant in terms of colors as part of the Nespresso Vertuo range. The small size of the device is not related to the desired quality and quality, as it is characterized by strength, durability, and the ability to achieve the full Nespresso experience.”

The six color options of the new Vertuo Pop give coffee lovers the freedom to express their own style and add their own touches to the coffee corner. New colors include Liquorice Black or Coconut White and vibrant Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, Aqua Mint, or Pacific Blue.


The unique Cetrefusion technology in the Vertuo machine

As with the rest of the Vertuo range, coffee lovers can enjoy Nespresso’s clever Cetrefusion technology, which is also available in the Vertuo Pop machine. This technology reads the barcodes on each capsule to adjust the brewing procedures for each blend at the touch of a button, from coffee extraction to water temperature, flow rate, and spin speed, based on cup sizes and sizes as well as getting the best flavor and creaminess from each blend.
This key feature of the machine, which is the fruit of the work and innovation of the experts at Nespresso who have chosen the source of coffee and the method of roasting with great care, guarantees the enjoyment of flavor and high-quality crema with every cup of coffee. When turned on, the capsule spins at high speed (up to 4,000 revolutions per minute) mixing the coffee grounds with water to create a dark coffee with the perfect, velvety, barista-quality crema.

Enjoy the versatile Vertuo range

The Vertuo range offers coffee lovers more than 30 capsules, including iced, with multiple flavors catering to all tastes, in addition to seasonal limited editions. The different-sized capsules fit a range of cup sizes, each carefully blended and roasted to deliver a premium quality coffee experience. Whether you are with your friends for brunch or if you want to sip your favorite caffeinated beverage, the Vertuo Pop machine offers a variety of options to suit all tastes and moments, with four sizes of coffee cups such as a mug (230 ml) and gran lungo (150 ml). ), and double espresso (80 ml) or espresso (40 ml), which makes it most suitable to be used with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk maker, where you can prepare your favorite coffee at home.

Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability

Nespresso is committed to everything related to sustainability, which comes at the heart of its business and activities, and looks forward to contributing to achieving positive change in communities, the environment, and the climate, in addition to offering consumers a luxurious and smooth coffee experience. In line with this approach, all Nespresso coffee capsules, including the Vertuo range, are made from 80% recycled aluminum and are fully recyclable. Nespresso has also invested in its own recycling programs, to make the process of recycling used capsules as simple and convenient as possible for consumers. In an effort to reduce negative impacts on the planet, the Vertuo Pop machine is made from 35% recycled plastic, as well as using 99.5% recycled packaging.

Key features of the Vertuo Pop machine

The new and innovative VertuoPop machine is designed to achieve the ultimate coffee experience, through Cetrefusion technology to deliver the finest home-brewed coffee with a precision that suits and satisfies different tastes: the spin rate reaches 4000 revolutions per minute to fully extract the coffee. Through barcode technology, the brewing process such as cup size, temperature, spin speed, flow rate, and water contact time with the coffee can be adjusted to enhance precise coffee extraction. It also features simple and convenient one-touch operation. The new machine offers the following features:

Fast heat up in 30 seconds and one touch preparation.
Adjustable cup holder.
Auto power off: after two minutes.
Dimensions: 136 mm x 426 mm x 250 mm.
Machine weight: 3.5 kg.
The capacity of the water tank is 0.6 liters.
Energy efficiency A+.Made from 35% recycled plastic.

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