The importance of iron for the human body and where is iron available in food


The importance of iron for the human body and where is iron available in food

Iron is an important element for the human body and is available in a number of foods and can also be obtained through various dietary supplements under the supervision of a doctor. The body needs a specific amount of the Iron element and its deficiency leads to a number of diseases, the most important of which is anemia, or anemia, which leads to a lot of problems if neglected. So we will get acquainted with foods rich in iron, both vegetable and animal.

Iron for the human body

The element iron plays an important role in building the human body and supplying it with the necessary energy.
It also helps to transport oxygen to the organs of the body.
It contributes to the feeling of mobility because its deficiency leads to general weakness in the body.
It also affects the brain and memory and acts on its decrease in hair loss.
Therefore, iron is of great importance for protecting the body from diseases, but in the right quantities.
Where is the Iron element available in food
Iron is available in many types of food, whether vegetable or animal, we find it in the following types:

Cereals: iron is available in a large proportion of cereals such as legumes beans, lentils, chickpeas, white beans, and other cereals.

Vegetables and the most common type of iron are spinach and broccoli

Red meat of all kinds is one of the important substances for supplying the body with the necessary amounts of iron.

Fish is an important species that is characterized by supplying the body with good amounts of iron in addition to other elements.


Symptoms of iron deficiency
Iron deficiency leads to the appearance of some symptoms by which the body’s need to supply it with this important element can be expected, and these symptoms include:

The pallor of the face and weakness of the body.
Inability to carry things or walk.
Loss of memory, shortness of breath, and hair loss.


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