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Treatment of sunburn from the sun in effective and fast ways


Treatment of sunburn from the sun in effective and fast ways, Sunburn in summer is something that can happen, we offer sunburn treatment from the sun after the summer for children and adults to get natural and pure light skin, the skin is quickly affected by heat and is prone to the formation of spots, freckles or pimples, the summer skincare routine provides you with protection from the harmful effects of summer heat on your skin, but if you are already affected there are a set of steps you can do in order to get rid of the dark color of the skin and return the skin to its natural color again, using natural recipes also helps you to mitigate the effects of sunburn.

Skincare routine in the summer

The summer season needs special skin care, especially oily skin, which is exposed to tanning quickly by the sun’s rays, the following steps help you protect your skin in summer:

Use a lotion suitable for your skin type twice a day, morning and evening.
After the wash comes the turn of the skin toner, for oily skin, the best skin toner is rose water, while you can use custom toners if your skin is dry, and they contain skin nourishing additives that keep it moisturized.
Apply a thin layer of sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure, then repeat about once every hour.
The evening routine boils down to washing the skin well with lotion with a soothing natural mask suitable for all skin types, such as a yogurt mask, then washing the skin with water and using a toner, and then a night moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Treatment of sunburn from the sun

There is more than one way to treat the effects of the sun on the skin in summer, namely:

Mask of starch and rose water

Starch has nourishing and soothing properties for inflammation, stratify the mask as follows:


Mix one tablespoon of starch with three tablespoons of rose water until a paste is formed.
Using the mask brush, apply the mixture to the entire face except for the area around the eyes.
Leave the mask on the skin until it dries completely, it takes approximately 15-25 minutes.
Mask of yogurt and bitter almond oil
A soothing mask that brightens the skin tone and suits all skin types except oily skin:

Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with a tablespoon of bitter almond oil.
Apply the mask to the skin for 20 minutes.

Milk and Bran mask
Mix milk with Bran for a dense consistency that is easy to spread on the skin.
Leave the mask on your skin for 30 minutes and then remove it in an individual way.
Do not use this mask in case of skin infections, but it is used for continuous treatment only, it helps to lighten the skin quickly.


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