You will no longer have to worry about eating chocolate during the diet


Don’t worry about eating chocolate during the diet

Have you ever completely cut chocolate from your diet thinking that this will help you lose weight

In fact, you are not the only one who thinks so, as most of the misconceptions about the diet oblige those who follow it to cut several items, which are delicious under the pretext of” slimming down ” and reaching the ideal weight.

Now, for these reasons, you will no longer have to worry about eating a portion of chocolate during the diet.

We will begin to review a study conducted by an American researcher named “Marta Grawallet”, quoted by the British website “Daily Mail”, was about 19 women who were given 100 g of white chocolate a day, the first time in the morning after waking up one hour, and the second one hour before bedtime.

The team that was based on the research came to an important conclusion, namely:

That chocolate at these times acted as an appetite suppressant and therefore contributed to reducing blood sugar levels and burning fat, and women did not gain weight despite eating chocolate twice a day.


But what is the reason behind this

The reason, as the study itself stated, is due to :

The presence of a chemical substance inside raw cocoa beans effectively affects the oxidation of fats, namely “flavanol”.
Eating any kind of food in moderation, within the limits of the allowable calories per person, will absolutely not contribute to weight gain, but will contribute to improving mood as well as enjoying the delicious satisfying taste.
It is worth noting that every 100 g of dark chocolate contains 546 kcal, and the allowed serving weighing 28 g contains 155 KCAL, that is, it serves as a snack at the beginning or in the middle of your day with a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit.

Finally, the lesson is to eat all kinds of foods in moderation, and this is the main key to maintaining weight and enjoying good health.


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